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6th-May-2015 05:49 am - [sticky post] this is goodbye!

hello yes i am here again, this time with slightly less cool news than before :( as it turns out, none of my stuff on here pleases me anymore. well, i mean, i can look at it and think "huh, not bad for the age that i was when i wrote that" but there's only so long that you can pat yourself on the head and convince yourself not to delete your shit with that reasoning, y'all feel?

anyway, it's not reaaally gone [scary parent voice: NOTHING CAN BE DELETED ONCE IT'S ON THE INTERNET] because well, i just privated all the entries and i know there are translations out there and maybe some of you've saved some stuff as well. so there's that. but let's put it this way: it's not going to be "officially" available (i.e. on this journal) anymore. like...i wish i had a really dramatic reason or something or that i could be all enigmatic like "FOR REASONS WHICH I DO NOT WANNA SHARE, I'M TAKING MY STUFF DOWN" or something but basically it's just 19yo me looking at things 16yo me wrote and going "KILL IT WITH FIRE".

SO! a couple of questions y'all might have:

i am! a lot of things. many things. not kpop things. my sophisticated interests have shifted over to volleyball/basketball-playing dorks, and titans, and whatever the hell term you would associate with durarara!! I'M TRYINA SAY I'VE SEEN TOO MANY PANELS OF KUROO TETSUROU LOOKING LIKE SOME KINDA ASSHOLISH HOTNESS DEITY TO NOT WRITE FIC FOR HIM. my only contribution to the anime fandom so far is one tiny kagakuro oneshot, but it's a beginning at least. you can find that, and any new stuff that i will write, here.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i mean if you have some sort of copy saved, i won't ask that you delete it, but i definitely will ask that you don't upload it somewhere and share it with more people. i took them off for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons is that i don't want more people to read them SO PLEASE BE NICE ABOUT THIS GUYS THANK U.

otherwise: i've had a pretty good 2 years in ficdom (i'm not counting this past year because i put up exactly nothing) and fandom in general, made wonderful friends (some of which i'm still absolutely tight with and am glad that i get to keep) and had a great amount of support from all my readers. thank you all so much for all of that! without your enthusiasm matching my enthusiasm for inane plots and silly characters and the occasional session of feels, i would never have written so much, and hence, would never have improved so much (so much that i can't bear to look at my old things anymore lmao) and so really, thank you thank you thank you so much!

goodbye, have a wonderful time ahead in fandom, and let's support the idols as best we still can.

(PS i'll still post links to my new fic on here in case some of you still keep track of this journal!)

17th-May-2015 07:09 pm - set the tone (kuroo/tsukishima)

Today on ways not to start your study break: unless your breakeven analysis looks like something out of a failed Tetris game, try to avoid being hit by cars. (Or, the story of how Tsukishima Kei discovered a niche category of annoying human beings.)

Author's note: Teddy roped me into volleyball hell this January and I needed to document the absolute greatness of Kuroo Tetsurou. Part of a 'verse that I call Uni!AU in my head; there's a lot more where this came from and I'm gonna write ALL THE THINGS this summer, pls anticipate (also although the title is pretty generic I had Ed Sheeran's "Sing" in mind while coming up with it!!)
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